5 common application mistakes

Are you applying for lots of jobs with success?

Make sure that you are not making any of these 5 common application mistakes and improve your chances of application success!

1. Failure to read the job description

Job descriptions come in all shapes and sizes. Some appear more like a novel than a job advert, whilst others can be just a few words. However job adverts appear it is vital that you take time to study the job description in full. In addition to ensuring that you meet the requirements stipulated in the job description you need to ensure that you follow the correct application procedure. This information is often tucked away at the end of the job description but could be the difference between your application being received or not. There is little point spending time crafting an amazing application only to send using the wrong method (e.g. sending a resume when they have requested that you complete an application form) or to the wrong place.

2. Missing information

Employers spend a lot of time creating job descriptions and application forms. Leaving sections blank, failing to provide copies of educational achievements and failing to explain gaps in your employment history when requested gives the employer less information about you than he or she has about other candidates. In addition, many employers will use a scorecard system to rate your application against other applications. Neglecting to provide the information requested could result in a failure to score points and ultimately a failure to be shortlisted for interview. Always try to ensure that you provide all the information requested by the employer.

3. Late applications

If an employer has received a sizable number of applications by the closing date they may reject all applications submitted after the closing date. If you are looking for work try to put aside a little time each day to look for jobs. This way you are more likely to find new jobs as soon as they become available and less likely to miss out on potential job opportunities. If you do miss the closing date and believe that you would be a good match for the company it may still be worth submitting an application.

4. Sending the same application over and over again

When you apply for a job, you need to demonstrate to the employer that you are the right fit for the job. The best way to do this is to alter each application to meet the skills and abilities listed in each job advertisement. If you are sending the same application or resume each time you are relying on chance and your application technique becomes nothing more than a lottery.

Top Tip: Try and spend more time on producing a few high-quality applications rather than lots of poor quality applications.

5. Nothing?

It is worth considering that there could be nothing wrong with your applications and that the problem is that there is just too much competition for you to prove what a good employee you would be. There are many good people looking for employment and employers will only want to bring a very limited number to interview. So whilst you may have the right skills and experience you still may not get the opportunity. If this is the case it is important not to get disheartened and to keep trying.


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