5 Reasons why you should NEVER send the same resume or application twice

Have you fallen into the trap of sending the same resume and application letter for each job you see advertised?

In this article we highlight 5 reasons why should you NEVER send the same resume twice. We also show how adapting your resume to meet the needs of each job vacancy will dramatically increase your chances of APPLICATION SUCCESS.

1. Instant rejection

Employers can instantly recognise a resume or application that is used over and over again without being modified or adapted. More often than not these resumes or applications are instantly rejected. Why? Quite simply employers want to find candidates that are hard working and can demonstrate that they have the skills and experience to do the job. Sending the same resume or application shows that you are either too LAZY or too STUPID to adapt your resume or application. In a competitive jobs market such as the Philippines you can be certain that other applicants will have put in the effort to adapt their resume or application to meet the requirements of the job. It will be these applicants who will progress to the next stage of the recruitment process.

2. Application scoring systems

Many employers use an SCORING SYSTEM to grade applications. Applicants score points when they meet one of the requirements stipulated in the job advertisement. Applicants with the most points are then invited to interview whilst those with the least points are rejected. If you just send the same resume or application you will miss out on the opportunity to score points. It is therefore unlikely that you will progress to the next stage of the recruitment process.

3. New skills

By submitting the same resume or application you might fail to include any NEW SKILLS that you have developed. Try to ensure that you keep an up to date log of all your new skills, experience and achievements in your Master Resume. This will help you to ensure that you include your new skills when applying for jobs. If you are unsure on how to create a Master Resume please visit: Master Resume

4. Effort levels

A person who puts effort into an application is more likely to be the type of person who puts effort into their work. A person who cuts corners with an application is more likely to be the type of person who will cut corners at work. You can avoid being labelled as someone who cuts corners by ensuring that your application clearly demonstrates how you meet the requirements stipulated in the job advertisement.

5. New contact information

If you are sending out the same resume it could be that you contact details have changed. Before submitting any application always ensure that you check your contact details are up to date and correct.


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