5 Things NOT to include in a Resume or Job Application

Ever wondered what information should NOT be included in your resume or application when applying for jobs in the Philippines?

In this article we provide a list of 5 things that you must NEVER include in your resume or application.

1. False or Misleading Information

Employers and recruiters can often spot information that is FALSE or MISLEADING. With the increasing amount of information available online it is easier than ever for employers to check the information that you provide. Even if you do manage to go undetected through the application process this information could always come back to haunt you in later on in your career.

2. Spelling & Grammatical Errors

Imagine that you are an employer looking to recruit for a position in your company. You receive 100 applications and having reviewed all the applications decide that 10 successfully demonstrate that they meet the recruitment criteria. There is really nothing between these 10 candidates in terms of skills and experience but you know you only have the time to interview 5. What is a simple way to eliminate 5 candidates? That’s right, spelling and grammatical errors. Spelling and grammatical errors are one way employers narrow down applications. To avoid missing out ALWAYS use a spell checker AND re-read your resume before applying. If possible get a friend, family member or colleague to double-check your application before submission.

3. Poor Design and Formatting

Before the employer has even noticed the content of your resume or application they will already have noticed the DESIGN and FORMATTING. Always try to make sure that your resume design and formatting are suitable for the role to which you are applying. If you are applying for a creative role you may want to design resume than showcases your creative talents. Otherwise, try to design a simple, professional looking resume. To view some sample resumes check out: Resume Basics

4. Life-story

When submitting a job application you have very little time to impress (perhaps less than 30 seconds) so try to keep your application concise and to the point. A recruiter will quickly look at your application and think:

  • Why should I interview this person?
  • What benefits will they bring to the organisation?
  • Do they meet the selection criteria?

You can help make this information more obvious by not hiding this information amongst your entire life story. Just include information that CLEARLY demonstrates how you meet the selection criteria.

5. Joke Email Addresses

We once received an application for the role of child-minder from an email address like [email protected]! – would you trust your child with a crazy cat?! Try to make sure the e-mail address you use is professional and that the one you use is not one that will count against you during the application process.


Have you found this article useful? Do you have any thoughts or tips that you would like to share with other in the Philippines? Feel free to comment below.

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