Dress to impress: What to wear to a job interview

Looking for tips on what to wear to an interview?

There are many things that you need to consider before attending a job interview. What skills and experience do you have relevant to the role? How would you add value to the organisation? What examples can you provide in order to demonstrate your suitability for the role? One thing that is often not considered is what to wear to the interview?

Why it is important to know what to wear to an interview?

Knowing what to wear (and what to not wear) is important because first impressions count when attending a job interview. Remember that before you even have chance to speak the interviewer will have noticed what you are wearing and the way you present yourself. Based on these observations the interviewer may have already formed an opinion about your suitability for the role and the organisation. By dressing appropriately you will immediately make a positive impression.

Preparation is the key to success

As with most things when trying to find a job – preparation is the key to success. You should prepare what to wear for each job interview by asking yourself some simple questions:

  • What is the culture/style of the organisation?
  • What do people doing this job usually wear?
  • What type of first impression do I want to make?
  • Will I be comfortable in what I choose to wear?

Top 5 tips on how to dress for an interview

  1. Dress for the environment. If the dress code is formal you should also dress formally. If the dress code is informal you may want to consider dressing informally. If you are unsure it is usually best to dress formally.
  2. Clean and well presented. Clothes should be clean and well presented. Accessories such as shoes, coats, bags and umbrellas should also be clean and well presented.
  3. Advanced preparation. If possible get your clothes and accessories ready in advance. This way you can ensure that everything is clean and well presented and suitable for the environment.
  4. Personal grooming. Hair, make-up, nails and accessories are all things that will need to be considered. Again, it is important to dress appropriately for the environment.
  5. Be comfortable. It is important to feel comfortable during an interview so do not dress in a manner that will make you feel uncomfortable.


Dressing to impress and knowing what to wear to a job interview can increase your chances of interview success. Preparation is the key to success and by following the information outlined in this article we hope you will increase your chances of interview success.

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