Help! How can I find a worthwhile job?

Dear Aunty,

I have a good job working in advertising for an international company. The problem is that I feel increasingly frustrated with my job. I know it sounds strange but I thought there would be more to life than trying to persuade people to buy products. I am thinking about quitting in order to try to find something more worthwhile. Am I crazy? 

Aunty says,

I suspect that many people who read your letter will think that you are crazy but the truth is that we all differ in terms of what brings us satisfaction. So what should you do?

I would strongly recommend that you think about the following before you make any decisions:

  • Is this a temporary period of frustration?
  • If you were to quit your job where would you work?
  • How long would you survive financially without a job?
  • What type of jobs do you find more interesting?
  • How much do you know about other types of careers?

Whilst you might not think that the work you do is worthwhile there may be many people who buy and enjoy your products who would disagree. What do your family think? Do they feel that the income you earn makes this job worthwhile? Whilst this is entirely your decision it might be worth discussing with them before making a decision. Finally, remember that it is often easier to find employment whilst employed. If you do choose to quit before finding a job you may be questioned about gaps in your employment history during an interview.

Whilst I can not tell you what to do I hope that this advice and the questions raised will be of use to you.

I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do.


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