Help! I have sent over 500 applications with no reply

Dear Aunty,

I successfully completed a Bachelor of Marketing degree in 2010 . The problem is that I can’t find a good job. I have sent over 500 application letters and still no reply. What can I do in order to find a job that I deserve?

Aunty says,

Thank you for your letter. There are several issues here that need addressing and hopefully my advice will be of help to you. The first issue is obviously the 500 application letters that you have sent without receiving a reply. Your letter does not state whether you are sending applications for advertised roles or whether you are sending speculative applications. Either way, I would be extremely interested to learn more about how you are applying for jobs. Given the number of applications you have sent I suspect that you are spending an insufficient amount of time ensuring that your applications are of a high enough standard to gain an interview.

Less is more

Always remember that it is better to concentrate your efforts on sending fewer applications that are of a high quality rather than lots of applications that are of a poor quality. When sending applications it is crucial that you think about the requirements of the employer. An employer wants you to show that:

  • You have taken the time and effort to research their organisation
  • You understand the requirements of the role
  • You clearly demonstrate how you meet the requirements for the role

Most employers have little time for people who show no effort and just send the same application to 100’s of organisations. They are far more likely to employ someone (especially for higher level jobs) who aligns their application to the specific requirements of the organisation and role. You can guarantee that if you don’t do this then another candidate will – especially with the current level of competition for jobs in the Philippines.


The second issue is regarding your comment about finding a job that you deserve. Whilst I understand that you have successfully completed a degree I wonder whether your sense of entitlement is holding you back? Are you relying solely on the fact that you have this degree when submitting applications? In the Philippines the jobs market is extremely competitive and you will have to be clearly demonstrate how you meet the requirements for each role and why you should be chosen rather than other applicants.

I would strongly suggest that you review your application technique and mindset because unless you change your approach it is likely that nothing will change. You can find more information and advice on how to apply for jobs in the Philippines by checking out these great articles from

I hope that this information will be of use to you and hope that you will be able to achieve your ambition.

Yours faithfully,


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