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The reasons why many Filipinos choose to work abroad

Did you know that over 2 million Filipinos work abroad? There are many reasons why so many Filipinos seek employment outside of the Philippines but the main reasons are for employment and income. The Philippines is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia but there are not enough jobs for the current population. In addition, according to the World Bank the average annual income for a person living in the Philippines in 2013 was US$2,765 (PHP 123,900). Compare this figure with countries such as Canada US$51,958 (PHP 2,327,500) and the United States of America US$ 53,042 (PHP 2,376,000) and it is easy to understand why many Filipinos seek employment internationally.

The top 10 destinations for Filipinos

According to statistics provided by the Republic of the Philippines Department of Labor and Employment the top 10 destinations for Filipinos working abroad in 2013 where as follows:

    1. Saudi Arabia 382,553
    2. United Arab Emirates 261,119
    3. Singapore 173,666
    4. Hong Kong 130,686
    5. Qatar 94,195
    6. Kuwait 67,856
    7. Taiwan 41,145
    8. Malaysia 34,088
    9. Bahrain 20,546
    10. Italy 19,556

Top 10 Occupational Categories

The statistics provided by the Republic of the Philippines Department of Labor and Employment for top 10 occupational categories for Filipinos working abroad (new hires) in 2013 where as follows:

    1. Household Service 164,396
    2. Charworkers, Cleaners and Related Workers 112,082
    3. Nurses Professional 16,404
    4. Waiters, Bartenders and Related Workers 14,823
    5. Laborers/Helpers General 11,892
    6. Wiremen and Electrical Workers 9,539
    7. Plumbers and Pipe Fitters 8,594
    8. Caregivers and Caretakers 6,466
    9. Welders and Flame-Cutters 7,767
    10. Cooks and Related Workers 7,090

In addition, the statistics show that in 2013 an amazing 367,166 Filipinos worked at sea in a variety of jobs!

English speaking countries with large ethnic Filipino populations include the USA (4,000,000), Canada (600,000), Australia (220,000) and the United Kingdom (200,000).

What you need to consider if you are interested in working abroad

Homesickness, isolation, long hours and demanding jobs are just some of the issues that Filipinos can face when working abroad. You may also face communication problems if working in non-English speaking countries. Remember also that although the average annual incomes are higher in other countries many Filipinos earn substantially less than these amounts as they work in low skilled jobs. Finally, always beware of illegal recruiters and employment scams. Always research people and organisations in advance and try to get recommendations from family and friends. Remember that you can always contact the Philippine Embassy (click here for a list of Philippine Embassies abroad) in the country in which you would like to work in order to verify employment contracts and recruitment documents.

5Where to find out more information

Filipinos interested in working abroad will need to apply for a visa or work permit for the country that they would like to work in. Further information on how to apply for visas and work permits can be obtained from the Commission of Filipinos Overseas, the national government of the country you are interested in or from employers. If a country has a particular shortage of skills, you may find it much easier to get a visa or work permit so do your research in advance. Here are some links to other source of help:

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