Learn to decode job adverts

Could learning how to decode job adverts help you to find a job?

In the latest how to guide from PhilCareers.com we provide some useful tips to help you learn how to decode job adverts in order to improve your chances of application success.

Why decode job adverts?

We know that a job advert provide useful information to applicants regarding the qualifications, skills, experience and personality traits required for the job. We also know that employers often use a points based scoring system to filter applications (a points based scoring system is one where employers score each application against each requirement stipulated in the job advert).

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The problem for candidates is that it is not always easy to identify all the requirements. The information can be hidden in unstructured job adverts or in large amounts of text. If you are unable to identify and address all of the requirements hidden in the job advert you could lower your application score and damage your prospects of being called for an interview.

So how can can you decode a job advert?

A simple but extremely effective method of ensuring that you gain maximum points from your application is to decode the job advert. This involves carefully reading the job advert, numbering each requirement and separating the text into more accessible sections . Check out the 2 examples below of a job advert and how we decoded this advert to bring out the requirements:

Notice how simply numbering each requirement and separating out the text it is easier to identify each requirement. You can now use this information to ensure that you address all requirements in your application – giving you the best chance of achieving a high score and being invited for an interview.

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