Resume Basics

What is a Resume?

A resume is a written document used to show an individual’s skills and experience. A Resume may also be called a Curriculum Vitae or a CV.

What is the purpose of a Resume?

A company looking to take on a new employee will often request a resume as part of the job application process. The reason is quite simple. The employer needs to hire a suitable candidate but does not have the time to interview all applicants. In order to save time the employer asks applicants to summarize their employment history, academic qualifications and relevant skills in a resume. The employer then reviews the resumes and invites only the most suitable candidates for an interview.

Important: The purpose of a resume is therefore a way for you to stand out from other applicants in order to obtain an interview.

Is there a standard resume format?

There is no standard resume format. That said, unless the job application states otherwise it is likely that an employer will want:

  1. Contact details including: Name; Address; Telephone Number; Email Address.
  2. A concise summary (2 to 3 pages maximum) of your employment history, academic qualifications and relevant skills.
  3. Job and career objectives.

To view some example resumes please click on the following links (PDF):

  1. Resume – Chronological
  2. Resume – Skills-Based
  3. Resume – Chronological

Many job advertisements will also ask you to provide a an application or cover letter along with your resume. To find out more about application and cover letters please visit: Application Letters

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