How to write a dynamic resume

How to write a dynamic resume

A well-written, dynamic resume can significantly improve your chances of obtaining an interview. In this article we explore what is meant by the term dynamic resume and show how you can create one. We also provide a list of dynamic words that you can use in your resume or application.

What is a dynamic resume?

  • A dynamic resume is a resume that is written to create energy and enthusiasm in the reader
  • A passive resume is the opposite of a dynamic resume and lacks interest and influence

An example

Consider the following two sentences:-

  • “I hope that you will consider this application carefully. I feel that the information outlined is comprehensive and fully demonstrates my suitability for the role.” 
  • “I hope the you will consider this application carefully. The information fully outlines my suitability for this role.” 

Are you able to spot the differences between the two sentences? Which one do you think is dynamic and why?

See if you can find the answer by reading the information below.

Why write a dynamic resume?

A dynamic resume will:

  • entice the employer to read your resume
  • help the employer to find the key points in your resume
  • persuade the employer to invite you to an interview

How to write a dynamic resume?

There are several things that you can do to create a dynamic resume:

1. Write in short, sharp sentences that speeds up reading, increases energy and adds persuasion

Do this by keeping your sentences under 20 words long. If your sentences are more than 20 words try shortening or splitting in two.

2. Improve the visual impact of your resume

This can be achieved by improving the balance between text and white space, shortening paragraphs, adding headings and using bullet points.

3. Remove passive words and add action words

Action words are words that give your resume more enthusiasm and energy. Examples of action words can be found in our list of action words below.

List of Action Words for CVs

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We hope that this information will be of assistance to you. We know that each individual will have different requirements and but we hope that this article will provide some useful questions to consider.

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