Top 5 Job Seeking Mistakes

Could mistakes in your approach to job seeking be the reason why you are struggling to find employment? In this article we the top 5 job seeking mistakes to avoid when looking for employment in the Philippines.

1. Doing it alone

Doing it alone when searching for a new job is OK but getting more people involved in your job search could make things a whole lot easier. Working with friends and family can provide you with the energy and support that you will need to keep applying. They can also help with job applications, sector insights, interview preparation and much more. Furthermore, the more people you have helping the greater your chances of finding jobs that are not formally advertised and the lower your chances of missing jobs that are advertised.

2. Giving up

Job seeking can be extremely difficult and can be a struggle for even the most motivated and enthusiastic job seekers. As the weeks pass without finding a job it is easy to lose your enthusiasm – and confidence.  Try to accept that you will have ups and downs as part of your job search and avoid burdening yourself with negative thoughts. Endeavor to stay positive and to do things that will improve your chances of finding employment such as learning new skills and doing voluntary or unpaid work. Consider borrowing textbooks from friends or trying any of the great free courses that are available through the internet.  Keep trying, keep applying and never give up.

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3. Junk applications

Sending the same resume to numerous job openings regardless of what the job advertisement states shows a real lack of effort and will easily be spotted and will probably be assigned the status of a junk application. Remember the jobs market is competitive and if you don’t put the effort in you can bet that someone else has – and chances are that they will get the job.

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4. Contact Details

If the employer cannot get in touch with you then they cannot invite you to an interview. Check, double-check and check again to ensure that the contact details are correct! Furthermore, if you provide a contact number consider that a potential employer may actually call you and have to leave a message so ensure that you provide a suitable answer phone message.

5. Question Time

Most interviews contain a window of opportunity for you to ask questions to the interviewer. This is an opportunity for you to ensure that you have all the information that you have read the job description and understand the requirements of the role. It could also be a test to see if you noticed what information was not discussed or was deliberately left out during the interview. For example, we recently heard of 5 individuals being invited for 1 job. The job description mentioned that further study was a requirement of the role. The study element was not mentioned during the interview and only one candidate remembered or thought to ask about it. This candidate was told that they were awarded the job as they has asked about the study requirements whereas the other candidates had not. This showed that the candidate had a firm grasp of the job description and the requirements of the role. Try to think of several questions that you can ask prior to attending the interview.

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